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sustainable smart grid solutions

DE COOBRAA foundation is a multidisciplinary innovation expert (development & design) team with knowledge of complex, sustainable project developments. The folder DE COOBRAA – SSUSG, press release, video capture test location St. Joost School of Art & Design can be downloaded via this link.


We are currently striving to develop the first Energy-supplying neighborhood in the Netherlands and the first neighborhood battery E + W in Europe in the HavenKwartier Breda.


A carbon-free energy network for generating, storing, and supplying electricity and heat at the district-level in urban areas.

In the Research and Development EFRO-South project, business and education collectively develop a concrete integrated energy system/grid at the district-level for generating, storing, and supplying heat and electricity, directed by DE COOBRAA in coordination with the municipality of Breda and the Province of North Brabant.





We are also capable of realizing other innovative ideas with a focus on real estate and area development.


On Friday, August 30 2019, there was a topping out at a development project in Tilburg. The sustainable apartment complex of Yannick van Lith has reached the highest point. Thanks to the application of different techniques, this complex on the Smidstraat in Tilburg will soon be energy-supplying. DE COOBRAA foundation is working together with Moed foundation to install the neighborhood battery in this project. After a brief explanation by Yannick, alderman Berend de Vries addressed the attendees. His statement “working on the plans for the day after tomorrow starts today” was immediately put into practice by Gerrit Miedema of Dr.Ten. He gave an explanation of the sea salt battery. During the summer, 64,000 cycles were measured at Campus Almkerk in short lab tests. The first results show that there is no capacity loss despite the particularly large charging and discharging. With these promising results, the step towards upscaling this unique battery system is becoming smaller.


From 8 to 12 April 2019, 15 students from AVANS University of Applied Sciences were visiting DE COOBRAA foundation. During the so-called AMX week, second and third-year students from different faculties worked together to come up with creative and innovative solutions. There were surprising proposals for a new name of the neighborhood battery and how energy storage can be put “on the market” for DE COOBRAA. Thanks to the efforts of project partners TNO and Campus Almkerk, the students were able to view the developments on site.

The three student teams gave their final presentations on Thursday 11 April. We ended this successful week with an informal drink in the LocHal in Tilburg.


On 31 January 2020 the project partners came together in the Chapel of AKV Sint Joost, part of Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda. We will soon be placing our demonstration room and the containers with the battery systems on the beautiful location of this art academy. We are not there yet, but the preparation, coordination, and cooperation with Avans University of Applied Sciences and the municipality of Breda are starting to take shape. All project partners gave a short presentation and shared the planning for the coming year.

The presentations can be downloaded via this link.


  • Ir. Huub Keizersprogramme manager Energy & Built Environment TNO
  • Georgiana StanSenior Project manager Sustainable Process & Energy Systems TNO, project leader WP1+WP2 SSUSG
  • Ir. Arie Kalkmanadvisor installations TNO
  • Dr. Corry de Keizeradvisor solar energy SEAC in Eindhoven
  • Ing. Bas Moensdirector Aan de Stegge Bouwbedrijf Roosendaal
  • Dennis Cobelensproject leader Aan de Stegge Bouwbedrijf Roosendaal
  • Ing. Gaston van Akencommercial manager Aan de Stegge Bouwbedrijf Roosendaal
  • Johan Koekkoekdirector consultancy firm Visietech BV in Almkerk, adv. installations Dr. Ten & DE COOBRAA
  • Dr. Ir. Marnix ten Kortenaardirector Dr. Ten in Wezep
  • Ing. Gerrit Miedemamarketing manager Dr. Ten in Wezep
  • Dr. Ir. Jack Doomerniklector Smart Energy Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda
  • Ing. Willem Böttgerlector Biobased Building Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda
  • Hans Visserdirector VB-Innovatiemanagement in Oostvoorne, project director SSUSG
  • Ronald van den Bergdirector Van den Berg Subsidiebegeleiding in Ravenstein, advisor SSUSG
  • Drs. Harry van Diessendirector H&G GROUP in Meerlo, advisor SSUSG
  • Anne-Marie van Buerendirector 2eN Design in Rotterdam, designer DE COOBRAA
  • Godert Hoenderkampdirector 2eN Design in Rotterdam, designer DE COOBRAA
  • Drs. Willem Verbaanentrepeneur & networker in Epe, advisor DE COOBRAA
  • Dr. Ir. Nebosja Fisekovicdirector Ledivia in Eindhoven, advisor LED-verlichting DE COOBRAA
  • Esther Rasenbergdirector ParaTi in Malaga, Spain, advisor marketing DE COOBRAA – pl. AquaBattery
  • Ramon Bekkerstogether with Esther owner of Encantada Holiday home in Andalusia, pl. AquaBattery
  • Philippe Lammertsstudent Data Science TU Delft, website DE COOBRAA
  • Drs. Tjebbe Willdirector Blue Turtle Development, secretary board DE COOBRAA, pl. WP3
  • Ir. Max Visserdirector Combinisme Space+Energy in Boxtel, founder & vz. board DE COOBRAA foundation – secretary SSUSG, pl. WP4 SSUSG (development test studio and cooperation with market participants)
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